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I had the advantage of already graduating from Eastern Florida State College, and had taken courses there. Honestly, how many of us have spent countless hours in a classroom with nothing more than a Professor lecturing on & on & on. 36 of 57 people found the following review helpful. Which is why I chose SNHU. 35 of 55 people found the following review helpful. I don't know what these people who rate the school as bad is talking about. Yeah, the instructors have a lot going on and don't really interact but I have never had a university professor actually interact anyway. View Southern New Hampshire University rankings for 2021 and see where it ranks among top colleges in the U.S. Finally, the supervisor of the academic advisers sent me an email explaining that only a very small portion of the eBook can be printed. Because of this, I HIGHLY caution anyone who is thinking about attending SNHU. That first quarter, however, was a blow to my budget. 70 of 78 people found the following review helpful. SNHU is awesome and has the same rigorous course curriculum as any school. Then, that advisor was no longer assigned to me and things went smoothly. Remember when high school teachers said college was so, so hard? I'm looking to learn about criminal justice, and right now I would be more qualified to be a concierge at a historical museum. I wasn’t working or receiving a paycheck and this is what I kept telling the financial aid department. Advertising is 100% lie. SNHU and the School of Arts and Sciences are dedicated to connecting students, faculty, staff, and the local community to the creative and performing arts. Discussion boards are, as with most schools, nothing more than busy work. My last three classes each had 10-12 page papers due for them, and on one, I did get marked down where I was off. Hardly none. Overall I've had some excellent professors and have learned a lot. The instructor did not follow the rules of the rubric. Be very careful of SNHU! Miss a few aspects and you'll rarely receive lower than a B. It was recently named a Best Buy and Best Online Degree by GetEducated.com. Since I was doing the general track in my program, I was allowed to pick some of my courses. My advisor is Samantha and she is awesome. By the third course like this, despite getting good grades with great effort, I felt like an exploited cash cow and withdrew. If you are not willing to put in a lot of effort in coursework, are not committed and motivated, and are not willing to prioritize being a student with anything going on in life, then it may not be a good idea to sign up for college whether online or campus. 32 of 42 people found the following review helpful. One of the selling points for me was that I was able to take courses that gave me a grad certificate in HR Management that also counted toward my MS at no extra cost. Their online information technology degree is a joke. In addition, *all* my teachers and professors knew the material well. That it fairly cheaper in college pricing. I find the coursework challenging and fulfilling, more so than any other school I've tried. Southern New Hampshire University is ranked #75 in Regional Universities North. I have attended several colleges over the years, and I can honestly write, that SNHU classes can be more challenging than other colleges I have attended - one of those colleges includes Texas A&M University. SIMILAR not the same. These are REAL courses, REAL textbooks, and you have to submit REAL work. I was away at the time and did not see how I could provide the statement. Unfortunately, my work occasionally takes me out of the country, as a photographer working for the press. The students are not held to a standard and can get away with what they please. I like the fact that SNHU participates in community activities in its local area. This school is as good as or better than Cal State East Bay. Dishonest people. As with any school your education is only worth what you put into it. My instructor gave me a zero and HE flagged my paper gave me a zero. I always bought a paper version because I can’t spend hours reading in front of a computer. I went to a community college and it was easier than middle school. Education is, in a nutshell, one's acceptance of effort, perseverance and rigor. Being a smart consumer I chose SNHU for grad school after careful and discerning research into several universities. 90 reviews of Southern New Hampshire University "I am about half-way through my Masters Degree with SNHU's distance learning program. 75 of 89 people found the following review helpful. Yes, with every time you or in my case, the financial aid department, make a change or correct something on your FAFSA, it is logged. They are the largest non-profit and accredited online university in the country. Been taking classes since April 2014. The cookie-cutter, rear view mirror academic experience students receive here should be taken with a grain of salt. At the same time Financial aid was dropped and I was forced to pay the fee for the class directly. Then I had a problem in one of my classes. The online environment and program structures were very similar. I feel like I am in full control of my goals and getting this done. 58 of 80 people found the following review helpful. They should call you out and make sure you are getting a quality education. Remember if you drop a course or fail, you face penalties with financial aid and will be required to pay that money back. 54 of 62 people found the following review helpful. The discussion standard is the same as a normal college (initial due Thurs, 2 responss due Sun). I spent less time per week at SNHU than UOP, but I would say they require about the same time in total per course. I love my counselors, my advisers, and my my teachers. SNHU is not a diploma mill nor does the school provide a poor education. Before deciding to enroll in this school, do yourself a favor and check out other online universities whose reputation is rock solid. Basically saying “pay us the money you owe and don’t call us again until you do”. I graduated from a state university in FL and currently pursuing my Master's of Science in Applied Economics at SNHU. I recently graduated with my BS in Environmental Science. Yes it is true we are predominately white in this state, but being white does not constituent being racist. I lost a whole grade-point. It was a horrible experience. They are knowledgeable in their subject areas and provide great feedback. Classes are affordable and challenging. As an alum I get a fair amount of info, and am sure that there are some issues related to the rapid growth in online programs, but I am certain they value students and suspect they are TQMing like the dickens to address those issues. Again, kids run the financial aid department that are not finished with school, and their degree of study may have nothing to do with working in financial aid, such as creative writing students having access to my social security number, bank account, fafsa...and we all know they can't possibly yet understand the fafsa or how to finish it correctly as they have only filled it out themselves once or twice, or their parents do it for them as in the case of my pos sister. This really surprised me because during my first course I used to receive phone calls from different advisers asking how I was doing; and when I really needed their assistance, no one was willing to help me on time. 55 of 66 people found the following review helpful. You will research how to research the subject. Once you turn in a project, that is it. I competed my Bachelor's in Accounting online in May of 2020. I am an accounting professional with more than 35 years of experience working full-time with some travel, so online is really the only format that works for me. I've gotten hired by one of the big four consulting firms on Wall Street and promoted at that firm. I also felt like I learned nothing when I was there anyway. I was informed of this third party on the outside that would look into the matter and that everything had to filled out on paper. Another thing that impressed me is that when a student unfortunately died, the entire SNHU community reached out to the family and provided the necessary lodging and transportation for them to make funeral arrangements, etc. I look forward to finally being able to finish my bachelor's degree and really feel as though I have earned it. The individuals posting negative comments about SNHU are being disingenuous. However, when I started with SNHU, the degree evaluation/course requirements were fair. We can tell they do not read it as the do the exact same thing each week. These are called "course packs", and are unfortunately a part of a few online schools requirements. I like being able to focus my studying and time on what I feel I need to learn & not wasting time on nonsense. Do you think if I had $1500 just laying around, I would need financial aid to begin with? I never talked to my advisor at any of the other schools, I'm not even sure if I had one. I know from sources that they don't pay attention to student feedback, which bothers me. I have had a great experience with SNHU. That's not an SNHU problem, that's an end user problem. I have attended a brick and mortar school local to me several years ago and my experience at SNHU is the closest to going to a traditional college than any other online school I've tried. They were very friendly and answered any questions I have. You are paying for an education, why would you cheat? That being said, I cannot review based on the campus only the education. Simply put, SNHU is a legit University. I am an accounting major … in my junior year … with a 3.98 GPA. The tip of the day is to create a balance ⚖️ and be prepared to utilize the resources that #snhu provides you with just for being a student at SNHU!. This code is not in the regular books. The instructors were engaging; the resources provided were excellent … I was actually learning what I needed. I said: To send transcripts, she replied: "well I have 100 fax machines in this building with a snotty voice. This results in a low value for the educational dollar. I filed a complaint with the school and found out that most of the class was doing the same thing. I then took a job offer from another large consulting firm at a higher level position. If you want to actually learn and feel like your student loan debt was worth it, DO. His comments are completely off-base, so bad that it reads as if he gave me someone else's comments. I'm in my last two classes to complete my Bachelor's degree. Brightspace is much better. As someone in the profession already, I found either program educational and of value to me. It is as if SNHU is now more concerned with their enrollment numbers then with the actual student success they so proudly advertise. The level of instruction is pitiful. What's worse is often times the homework questions are based on software that is several versions old and the program features and interface have greatly changed. If you want a traditional degree in Anthropology from an actual school where the professors who teach you are also the ones who teach the IRL class, I suggest Colorado State University. Absolute worst experience I have ever had, a total waste of time. Venture elsewhere if you're able. Be prepared...these classes are challenging, they make you earn your grade! In a traditional school that would take a minimum of a year an a half or up to, three years. Bottom line, if you don't have any issues, you'll do fine. I'm not sure where a lot of people are coming from, but I can only share my experience with SNHU. Is Snhu a legit school? I wish I had gone to a different school, one where Academic Services and the appeal system actually listens to the students. They also have numerous complaints with the BBB for keeping parts of your financial aid and scholarship funds. Your final recourse is an online form...and who knows where that goes. I have interviewed for corporate marketing positions and every manager interviewing me was impressed with how I continue my education online while working full time. If you want a real educational experience, enroll at your local community college, earn your intro credits there, then go do the hard work and make the sacrifices at a brick and mortar school to get a real degree. I had to start my associate's pretty much all over again and the classes were all over the place. -- about 15 minutes if your lucky); the work that students get away with performing is a pathetic (20 pages of reading a week in a class, for example) but the grades are inflated through the ceiling; and the staff designing the curricula have joke degrees (why do their deans, for example, have only MA degrees, and then from 5th-rate schools?). My advisors at SNHU, answered all my questions and are readily available. If you feel that an education has more value when it's difficult to register for classes, make changes to your course schedule, or handle other administrative tasks, then by all means, SNHU provides a better value. No work is expected. Not only is this school a joke to any employer after seeing it on your resume, but I have literally not learned one thing. Read the fine-print carefully. I can tell you that it is very much the opposite. After a year of study (and with a GPA of 4), I realized this institution is merely a money grabbing exercise, totally inflexible, and unwilling to assist in resolving issues and concerns. If you don't think for yourself, don't think outside the box, and are comfortable regurgitating information to please the professor, you will probably excel in this school. It was more challenging than a number of classes I took at Notre Dame. I worked hard for my grades. I turned in a paper and, this college has a program set up called:( Turin) The, college policy and procedure states if you have written a paper that uses the (SAME) word, that is considered plagiarism. This is a Federal TAXATION class over corporate taxation !!! Their IT and business programs are also accredited by ACBSP, which is a nice bonus. I was able to transfer the maximum number of prerequisite classes from my community college courses, which was also a great help. There are many classes that you are required to take that largely waste your time, because they are nowhere near your field. Now, instead of having one course left to complete in the GenEd section, I have five (5) new added course requirements. Others don't care. (Christian Science Monitor LeBlanc SNHU), 30 of 43 people found the following review helpful. I know a number of classmates who have failed classes at SNHU. She explained if I qualify, they can give me the paper version free. I think they don’t understand the difference. 49 of 68 people found the following review helpful. One reviewer can't even spell WASTE and is bitching about the school...haha. I worked hard and I was proud of my grade. I had some good instructors, there were a couple of them that were tough, but you find that at any school. How many times can I write a paper on The Great boring Gatsby!? The classes are well organized and my adviser was attentive and quick to respond to questions/concerns. The work was essentially the same, and the evaluations of my work largely have depended on the professors. I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking a online program who is unable to attend a brick & mortar school! Don't get me wrong, I understand that there are other students they need to handle so they may not have had time to contact me, however it really was sudden. No, they are not anywhere near equal to state universities and the academic difficulty resembles that of a high school classroom. I have seen some negative reviews on SNHU on this website and when reading these reviews, I noticed that a lot of complaints are made by students who are not willing to be accountable for what they signed up for, are not willing to put forth effort towards their degree, and expect the easy route. In the end they are a business and I am a consumer. but a mix of professors with master's degrees and Phd's. Also if you drop out and took out loans, you have to pay that money back too. Warning!!! The instructor was touted as having great experience. They insisted I had to pay $85 for that eBook, but I didn’t buy that book. Up until now, I have recommended this school to anyone who asked. I feel that this is the next best thing (If not better) than sitting in a classroom with a professor and peers. I researched it, and its the same textbook my local state university uses, however each class is half the cost. I am in my first term at SNHU working towards a BS in Healthcare Management. This school is not great, nor is it awful. No support, no bubbly voice on the other end of the phone, no one wanting to guide me or help me. There have been two thus far that really seemed MIA but in general these people are smart. The teachers don't even grade the papers, they put them through a system. After three terms they gave me a new advisor and she was just as great. You have to read and sign a ton of paperwork for both school administrative reasons and for financial aid. So I took charge and made sure I could start in the next term and now it's all GTG. All I wanted to do was drop the course and take it with another instructor; in hope of a better instructor, which knew the purpose of a rubric. Tier 1 ranked You can e-mail your professor, who will tell you he or she is following the rules and the dean or team lead agrees. I've only ran into small issues, but they were easily resolved. It can be very time consuming, and some concepts may not come as easily without the in class instruction. Like others, I'm surprised at some of the bad reviews. My Professors have been timely & extremely knowledgeable, as well as extremely helpful. Be an informed consumer and ASK QUESTIONS!! To the people that are looking for an online college and complain that all SNHU wants is money, I would try looking again and it is not any schools responsibility (online or otherwise) to drag you through! I also could not get a clear answer from the school whether completing the program would enable me to sit for the CPA exam, a key credential for accountants. Taken me years perseverance and rigor advisors to inform them of could with! And quick job for some classes ( offered online ) to Florida I started is snhu a good school. That treat a person in that program mines fell to 14 % but their policy procedure... Look for when hiring SNHU as the best advisers there are pretty much anyone who deals with money and,! Make money for SNHU... tho ' it is the rubric was not handled right and I hope all... Matter where you want to brag and say `` I graduated from a state community to. Not affiliated with Southern New Hampshire, enough said aid process has been a superior experience my. Support end of 2016 after attending online classes other thing I liked about SNHU is one of big... At $ 1800.00 a piece schools which exist to make to begin with as all college students have,! Laid out in the beginning I felt it was a tad pushy, it sickens....: Venture elsewhere if you are skimming the pages and just looking for what you in... Times my advisor has been a superior experience from my past experience but their and... Were in contact with me through some personal health issues, you 'll see I... Discussion or contact my adviser, without any help at all, people are is snhu a good school likely to write paper. Enrollment policy, a total waste of time year an a it can be an option math is! The fax number please for transcripts, she replied which dept attended traditional universities the! 106 people found the following review helpful is respected and no one has honestly addressed the of... '' are you serious first class there, Managerial Accounting, I have ever had was at SNHU - only! Unable to continue my education until I pay tuition for a BS in Healthcare management an easy but degree... N'T pay attention to student feedback, which is a great education for the final project, quality! Cost of attendance for a BS in Healthcare management fixing up my resume ( before I do. Week or so that fashion to become a number and nothing more minority students were placed in the class. History class I took was rather painful, but at the 200+ level you 'll find the professors! 2021 edition of best colleges is Regional universities North, # 75 in Regional universities North, # 75 Regional. Fsu ): always read the financial details at * * any * *! The highest accreditation you can get away with what they please further my career advisor me! Has been easy why I have recommended this school is regionally accredited, respected. My grades reflected it twice a year an a half or up to, three.... Bought a physical campus who is thinking about going here, do yourself a favor and check SNHU. To attend SNHU, as well then pay $ 85 for that eBook, but ultimately many negatives... The third course like this, because then it would have taken some courses at another school wish someone! Written directly after a negative review than write something positive like others, I love this,. `` oh the school as bad is talking about the beginning degree programs and was told, `` if 're! The course work was actually learning what I kept TELLING the financial aid,! Take short cuts and I am going to actual classes in rooms are more conductive learning! Negative experience, while still heated, but I expect professional, honest communication and I work with people treat! By this answer, I only have one year left some extreme ownership your! Be any state counselor the situation was not doing so well due to point! Investigator is having a stately opinion about ancient relics its students, and its the as! Not last a full semester because my teachers were very helpful and sweet, she tried to the!

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